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About Us

We specialize in car safety electronic and vehicular areas of life, through the integration team of professional marketing concepts and automotive electronics technology to provide customers with quality automotive electronic products and services.

Our main services include: car safety electronics (driving recorder, navigation devices, electronic dog) ROSOTO ruishitai brand product development, manufacturing and marketing, the factory own SMT SMD production workshop, offering users of OEM and ODM processing services.

We main products--ROSOTO ruishitai Super HD lane records instrument electronic dog one machine, built-in has GPS positioning and GSM phone system, and imports speed radar hardware, support phone micro-letter connection equipment, has lane records instrument function (1080P HD video, and pictures shooting, and cycle videos, and parking monitoring video, and gravity induction lock, and phone micro-letter check car, and TMC traffic real-time road broadcast, and weather forecast, and lane track playback and real-time query, and location share,). Powerful and professional core system, rich integration features, stylish compact design, such as for a car owner to create a atmosphere and practical auto electronic products.

Our mission is "for partners to create high quality vehicle traveling data recorder in one of core values, and to" respect, science and technology, culture, "spirit of enterprise, through independent innovation and sincere cooperation for the safety electronics and travel industries to create value.

On "creating value for partners"
We believe that our customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and their partnership units and the individual is his or her partner, and only through efforts to create value for their partners, in order to realize their own value and access to development and success.

"Respect, science and technology, culture"
We believe that humanity is the meaning of our human existence and the lofty realm, through mutual respect and innovation of science and technology, and make unremitting efforts for a better human life.

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